Auto Rack Lights
Ensure safe travels

Whether you are transporting your bike(s) over long or short distances, ensure safe travels to and from the ride with an Auto Rack Lights product.

This patented auxiliary lighting system for your vehicle is the 
first of its kind on the market and is made in the USA.

Every Auto Rack Lights product is made in the USA and comes with:
  • a set of wired stop, turn & tail lights  
  • a license plate holder with a pair of nuts and bolts
  • an integral license plate light in the left tail light
  • (4) 6" long foam bumpers to be user located (these can be cut into smaller sizes at home)
  • attachment mechanisms:  (2) adjustable polypropylene straps with camlock closure for the aluminum design + (2) 10: long bungee cords for a secure fit; (4) 10" long bungee cords for the hard plastic design
  • end plugs for the aluminum design

The Bent Bar design in aluminum


is made from 6063 T5 aluminum with a mill finish and comes with either round or square lights.  The bending process leaves character marks making each one unique!
The Bent Bar design in hard plastic

 is like the bent bar design in aluminum and is only available with square lights, is UV resistant, has bonded corners and is hand assembled in the USA.

Bent Bar in aluminum shown with round lights

Bent Bar in hard plastic shown with square lights
Shape of Lights
Shape of Lights
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