Auto Rack Lights LLC
Ensure safe travels with a bicycl rack light

Reduce rear end collisions from obstructed lights due to a bike rack

About Us

The idea for a communicating lighting system came several years ago after we purchased a set of bikes and a bike rack for one of our vehicles.  Out of concern for other motorists not being able to see our stop, turn and tail lights,  the Auto Rack Lights product was invented in Springfield, IL.   

An opportunity presented itself the spring of 2012 to further develop the patented invention into a marketable product and Auto Rack Lights was born in Austin, TX.

Thank you to those who have shared their obstructed tail lights and license plate stories with us.  Now there is a product on the market that will mitigate these occurrences by transferring the stop, turn and tail light functions to a visible location!

rear end collision blocked tail lights, blocked turn signals, blocked license plate

Waiting for a rear end collision or to be pulled over for blocked vehicle lights or license plate